Amazon insists: they want influencers too

If you want your platform to succeed, you must engage influencers and content creators. It is almost an unwritten rule that all companies have been applying as they launched their services and tried to grow.

Facebook did so when it launched its conquest of the video market, capturing YouTube creators with promises of success. The most recent war has been between TikTok and Instagram, trying to steal each other from creators to boost their new features. And now, it is Amazon who follows the booklet.

Amazon has already tried to position itself as a claim for influencers in the past. In 2019, it opened a feature that allowed creating storefronts so that content creators could select their favorite products and earn a commission for affiliate marketing. They were like a kind of influencer stores, which did not cease to be within Amazon’s own environment.

Now, however, what you are looking for is more of content creation. Amazon has opened Amazon Live, one of those platforms that try to position themselves in live streaming. For it to work, you need a stream of content and influencers are the key to connecting with your audience.

The interesting thing is not only that content appears on that service, but that these content have popular voices behind that achieve a drag effect. Therefore, they need to bring influencers from other platforms.

The Amazon Influencer Program is the program that Amazon has in place to attract talent and that is being proactive when it comes to recruiting stars from other social networks. As Insider publishes, Amazon has contacted creators of Instagram or YouTube, to try to convince them to go to its live platform. Some have.

The influencer profile they are looking for

How do you determine which influencers you are interested in? As they explain from the program to the American media, they are not looking for a specific influencer, but they want creators with different perspectives (as is the case with consumers). The Amazon Influencer Program team looks at the trends that are working in the industry (like hot topics on TikTok or YouTube) to see what works and what interests you. What they are looking for are influencers with an established audience.

Influencers can then launch limited-sale products, use affiliate marketing, or create one of those aforementioned stores. And, of course, they can enter the new Amazon Live, their livestreaming tool.

Amazon is working on new tools, such as a marketplace to connect brands with influencers to close payment agreements or a solution to create shoppable Amazon ads that will be served in other environments and will feature the influencers themselves.

Will this be enough to attract talent and connect with these content creators? Time will tell, but Amazon’s previous moves in the ad universe have turned out quite well. If Amazon has managed to become the strongest threat to the online advertising duopoly of Google and Facebook, will it also be so in the universe of influencer marketing for social networks?

For Amazon, in addition, the accounts seem quite round. Looking at the portfolio of solutions that it already has and in which it works, it not only seems that it seeks that influencers sell directly on its platform but also take a slice of what happens outside of it.

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