Branded content and marketing with influencers: there goes the investment in online marketing and advertising

If there is a domain that remained more or less oblivious to investment problems during the last year in marketing and advertising, it has been the online universe. While companies have generally rethought their marketing and advertising strategies and readjusted their investments, the internet has come out more or less unscathed. If things had been as expected, possibly it would have grown much more. However, amid the context of falls and investment reductions, the online universe closed in positive numbers and did not lose companies.

After all, consumers were locked in their homes and the web had become even more important in their daily lives. Internet has been the strong point of entertainment, but also the universe to access services and products of all kinds. The ecommerce boom in recent months has been, for example, notable.

But from what happened in the last year, marketers should not be left alone with the fact that the network remained with a certain resilience, but they should also study where those investments went because it says a lot about how the market is changing and what are the stronger channels. The big winners of the year have been branded content and influencer marketing.

That is what can be concluded from the data of the last Advertiser Perceptions study, which asked at the end of 2020 about investments in online marketing and advertising to companies and which has just published its data.

20% of the digital advertising budget is going to content and influencers combined, making these areas the big joint winners when it comes to getting the juiciest part of the pie. As pointed out in Marketing Dive, the portion of the budget that they take is higher than that dedicated to paid search, digital video or advertising on social networks.

Also, do not forget that these two categories are also very strong independently. That is, beyond what marketers spend together in a combined strategy is what they spend on content and influencers independently.

Easier and future-proof

Thus, more than half of those surveyed recognize that both branded content and influencer marketing have become much more important, critical, now than in the previous year. 32% have increased spending on content marketing and 25% have done so on influencers during the second half of the year.

The trend will continue this year: marketers believe they will continue to prioritize content and influencers, because they need to build brand awareness and enter conversations safely, and because they feel bad news makes positioning traditional advertising more difficult (They fear it will look in bad taste to run ads that accompany negative news.)

Added to that, the two disciplines have become normalized and have become more integrated into their day-to-day lives. Two-thirds of the advertisers with whom the study has spoken even assure that doing content marketing and with influencers is now easier than it was two years ago.

Companies have more and more resources and more skills to manage both content and influencers, while issues such as how much influencer campaigns cost or how to work with them have been established in a more clear and stable way.

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