Content marketing in the era of the coronavirus: It is time to give more importance and prominence to corporate and business blogs

A few years ago, blogs were the most modern thing you could find on the internet. It was the time when all young people (all millennials, although we still did not know that they were called that) were opening one up and telling their lives chapter by chapter.

Shortly after, blogs also made the leap into the corporate universe. The media began to open blogs and more blogs to deal with various topics and connect with their audiences (it was the time when any media worth its salt should have its blog network) and in which companies integrated it into their marketing strategy and communication. The company’s website should have its blog, well visible and very up-to-date.

Since then and until now, the blog as a concept and as an activity has been losing its pull and has ceased to be the dream scenario to publish content, at least as it was years ago. Young people blogging have grown, social networks have occupied that personal part of the space occupied by blogs and at the corporate level the content strategy has become much more complex and much more diverse.

Blogs have not disappeared from the pages of companies, at least not all, but they have changed. They have become much more professional and more of a news section than exactly the blogosphere was in the past.

And, although it seems unlikely that young people will reopen an online newspaper like those of the past, the blog has not exactly died, as it should not do in the immediate future and as it should least in the world of the coronavirus.

Many large companies continue to have corporate blogs, which have become channels to share, in a special way, their knowledge and to position them as expert voices. For journalists, for example, the blogs of reference companies are a very interesting source of relevant data.

Why it should go back in the days of the coronavirus

But the situation in which we find ourselves right now could function as an incentive for the return, with force and in a more general way, of the corporate blog. Should companies recover their brand blog and consolidate it in their content marketing strategy as a result of the coronavirus crisis and life in the new normal? Several factors seem to indicate that it is.

From the outset, the corporate blog is a very effective way of transmitting information and, above all, keeping it in a clear place, where it is easy to find that data (something that does not always happen with social networks).

At this time, companies must share with their consumers new protocols, new rules of use and new recommendations that are crucial and very important and that, on many occasions, change from one week to the next. The consumer needs to find this data without great effort (nothing more frustrating right now than looking for what protocol to follow to go to one company or another and not find it), so the blog becomes a powerful ally to share what is in a principle was used, day to day.

But, in addition and to continue, blogs can be positioned as a tool for transparency. Consumers have been demanding that brands be much more transparent in recent years, an element that has established itself as more crucial and decisive than ever in the marketing strategy. The coronavirus crisis has made that need for transparency even higher.

Your consumers are on the web

And, of course, the key point must not be forgotten. Right now, consumers are consuming more content on the web than ever. In the months of confinement, all historical internet connection data was broken.

Telefónica, for example, explained in April that it had registered a 35% growth in accumulated traffic between the beginning of the confinement and the last Easter holiday, a figure that exceeded the accumulated growth in the entire previous year. That is, the coronavirus had managed to increase traffic in a few weeks than what had been achieved in all of 2019.

According to an OECD study, the health crisis had caused Internet traffic in countries in that area to rise by 60%.

Although the confinement has already ended, the new normal has not completely broken with the previous situation and with the behaviors that we have internalized in it. The growth of coronavirus infections again makes more people try to reduce their outings and that we stay more at home. Our entertainment and our consumption of information are still closely linked to the internet and companies must be able to be there.

Therefore, they need to restore shine and splendor to their blogs.

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