Generating more quality leads: the big goal of marketers in content marketing this year

If you have ever been able to talk to a B2B marketer about the obsessions that mark your work schedule, chances are that the leads have ended up in the conversation. The reason for this is in the very nature of leads, which are direct sources of entry to high-interest consumers. Having a good contact with a decision maker helps to position the product in a much more direct way in front of those who will make the final purchase decision. It is almost like having half a foot in the pot.

But achieving quality leads is not easy. In the B2B universe, as in the consumer marketing universe, users are equally fed up with the excess of ads, brand messages and spam of all kinds. If to this is added that the messages arrive in their working hours and when there are possibly a thousand other things, it is possible to have an even more complete vision of why it is necessary for companies to spin very fine with what they do and with how it make. A good strategy is key to achieving the best possible results.

And in that strategy, content marketing is a key piece. Quality content provides added value to consumers and users, regardless of whether they are and move in the environment in which they move in terms of consumption. In both the B2C and B2B environments, good content helps to have half the complete journey. In the most conducive scenario to establish quality links, transmit a positive brand image and, in the business case, harvest very high-value leads.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the great obsession in terms of content marketing and objectives for 2021 of marketers are, precisely, leads. That is what the latest study The State of Content Marketing, which SEMRush produces, points out. The study has a global scope and analyzes the expectations and forecasts that marketers have at a general level around the world. Its objectives are highly results-oriented and, therefore, leads have been positioned as key elements.

On the results orientation, it could be said that it is hardly surprising. Given that 2020 has been an especially difficult and complex year, it is no wonder that marketers are now looking to sharpen what they do much better to achieve the greatest impact. Return is more important than ever. Consumption has suffered at all levels due to the coronavirus crisis and the recovery does not seem immediate. Finding the most efficient ways to improve the income statement seems, therefore, more necessary than ever.

What is expected now of content marketing

And that’s where you create this new list of priorities for content marketing, led by leads. Thus, 79% of the marketers surveyed point out that among their priority objectives for content marketing this year is to generate more quality leads. Very close is positioned to bring more traffic to the corporate website (75%).

Further away are other targets. 57% want to improve the brand’s reputation, 47% want to improve consumer engagement and brand loyalty, 26% want to promote the positioning of new products and 17% increase the number of payments.

These goals not only change the expectations of what will be achieved with content marketing, but also push to adjust how things are done and what is prioritized in the work on content.

Now more weight is given to everything that has to do with data and metrics, reducing the importance of what connects with the creation of content as such, the most creative part. 88% of those surveyed recognize that they will give more weight to web analytics tools and 82% to SEO tools.

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