Marketing and the summer song: how to build those great successes that sweep away during the hot months

In the complicated summer of 1939, the first after the end of the civil war, a song triumphed in Spain. It was La Morena de mi copla, by Estrellita Castro. A few decades later, a study by the Lab identified it as the first song of the summer in Spanish popular culture.

It is perhaps not now the most popular of the summer songs of that time (but in 1946 it was the summer song My Dairy Cow, which almost anyone can sing), but that does not take away its pioneering position. Since that summer in the late 30s, popular songs have been happening. “With the arrival of the heat, Spain welcomes one of its most deeply rooted musical traditions: the song of the summer”, they conclude at the Spain Television Lab.


There are those who date in the 60s the start of the summer song as we now know it. It was then and continues to be an exercise in very good marketing. In 1964, the Italian Phonography Association looked for an action that would manage to shoot music sales in summer in the same way that the San Remo Festival did in winter, as they remember in 20Minutos.

To do this, he called the contest “a record for the summer”, which had a high profile in the media and which made the winning song sound and sound during the summer. The concept of the summer song was exported to other countries and Spanish radio stations began, in the mid-1960s, to choose “the summer song”.

The first time that the term “summer song” appears in the newspaper library of La Voz de Galicia, for example, is in August 1967. In the Digital Newspaper library of the BNE, with the use that we attribute it today, it starts at the beginning of the 60s and at the end of that decade is when it does it in the Historical Press funds of the Ministry of Culture.

Even so, and returning to the RTVE Lab list, perhaps the term was not used before, but there were songs that became very popular during the summer months. Those from the 70s have the merit of having been the most popular in the collective memory and those that continue to dominate right now as the great classic hits of the verbenas.

How the summer song is created

The song of summer is a constant of every year and only extreme conditions make it disappear. The year without song of the summer was, in fact, 2020, possibly because all the previous infrastructure had failed to push the subject that was going to sound until boredom during those months.

Although during this decade the sounds of the summer song have been seasonally adjusted, as they conclude in the RTVE Lab (Despacito went viral as a song, not as a summer song, despite its sounds closely linked to that acoustic format), they continue there are certain elements that drive some issues over others. The first key point of the song of the summer is in how it sounds. It is a mixture, at least according to big data, of rhythm, joy and being danceable.

Also, as Newtral points out, it is a mix of chords and rhythm. Over the last decade the same chords have been repeated over and over again, sounding in songs with a danceable rhythm. They are also brutally catchy.


A key launch strategy

But the important thing is not only to have the perfect designed product, but also to apply the most appropriate launch strategy. It is possibly there where the song of the summer becomes the best example in marketing. The launch strategy of the song of the summer, as Icon reels, has three key points. The most generic is that the theme is simple and catchy.

Plus, it hits the market at the right time. It may be thought from the outside that the song of the summer is a product that appears in July with the beach bar and the Nivea cream. Nothing further.


The positioning window is in a range that starts no earlier than January and closes no later than April. That is, before January it is too early and by April it is too late. This is because the song of the summer needs to create buzz first. When July rolls around, it’s already a popular hit. After all, the song of the summer in the internet age is also a viral song.

And, finally, the song of the summer must be associated with hooked people, young people who, as one of the expert sources tells the medium, are in the ointment. For example, Bertín Osborne had a moment of glory in social networks a few days ago with the song that he had just presented. Everything was very “in search of the song of the summer”, but Bertín Osborne is neither cool nor in the ointment so it seems unlikely that he will connect with that young audience that drives these hits.

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