The Robot Portrait of the Perfect Marketer: What Good Marketers Have in Common

When it comes to hiring a professional, companies tend to aspire to want to get the ‘perfect’ worker. The lists of requirements are extensive, outlined on the specific needs of the company, and aspirations on what is to be achieved as well. But what should companies be looking for in their marketers? What Makes the Perfect Marketing Worker?

Of course, every company – and every marketing team looking for professionals – has its own specific needs. But beyond the concrete, there are certain skills that are needed in marketers. Beyond training and acquired skills, marketers must be able to excel in certain capacities that could almost be said to be innate.

An analysis of Marketing Week has pointed out the characteristics that marketers have in common and, based on their conclusions, the traits of the robot portrait of the perfect marketer can be established.


At the end of the day, as they explain in the analysis, the marketing strategy must be oriented to understanding the consumer. The marketer is the one who is able to see things from the point of view of consumers.


They must at all times be interested in what happens beyond their company. They need to follow the changes that are taking place in the market and what interests consumers. They have to snoop everything.

Know where there will be no precision

Although the importance of being precise at work is always talked about, in the analysis they make it clear that marketers must be able to live with imprecision and even feel comfortable with it. The numbers don’t always add up, they point out, because marketing isn’t an exact science.

Good time management

This does not mean that they know how to control well how they use their working time, which also, but rather their relationship with the times and the application of the marketing strategy. A good marketer is not going to draw back from the market and is able to plan in advance what he is going to do and why.

He thinks long term but acts short

Closely related to the previous point, a good marketer is capable of having a long-term vision of things. He knows how to find the balance between what the strategy needs long and what it has to do short. He achieves immediate results, but without sacrificing the future of the brand.


A brand that has many objectives and many aspirations, they warn, ends up being nothing. Studies show that having five or four clear goals is what helps you achieve results.

He knows how to present things simply

Nobody disputes that marketing work is very complex. Establishing a good brand strategy involves working with many variables and with many elements, but a good marketer is capable of presenting everything in a simple way to his team. In other words, everyone must be clear about what is going to be done and why.

Break the rules when it matters

The creative genius who does not respect anything or anyone is a kind of myth. For a business, it can be a headache. And a drag. Does that imply that a good marketer will always follow the rules? Not exactly, but you will know when it is worth transgressing and breaking with the established.

Learn and adapt

Good marketers are aware of their limitations. Therefore, they never stop learning new things and adapting to market changes.

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