Why can SocialGest be your perfect social media management tool?

Social media is an increasingly important part of companies’ marketing strategy. Social media marketing has established itself as a key element to transmit messages, connect with consumers and understand what interests them or to ensure that products are positioned more or less organically in the market. It is also already one of the default channels that buyers use as a customer service gateway.

The recent crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic has had an upward impact on the importance of social media. Users have spent more time on their profiles – so much so that there is talk of an average growth of 30% in the use of social networks – and companies have filled the gap left by closed stores and reduced consumer mobility. All this makes social networks much more relevant than ever and also that companies have to look no longer for the best practices but the certainty that their social media marketing strategy and its execution are impeccable.

To do this, it is important to understand what to do on social networks and design a strategy that takes into account immediate problems, the creation of a brand image or the medium and long-term vision of where the company is expected to be. But, equally, it is also more decisive than ever to get the most complete tools, those that help marketers to do their work in the most fluid and efficient way.

Among all these solutions, SocialGest stands out, a “platform that allows optimizing the strategy of all social networks simultaneously and from the same fully automated place”.

What makes SocialGest special

From a single tool, marketers can manage all their social media obligations and resolve all incidents. SocialGest already allows you to automate content scheduling on Instagram, but it also integrates the other key social networks, and services such as Canva or access to the main storage tools in the cloud.

In addition, a good platform must offer solutions that go beyond content programming. For example, they must also address elements such as the development and management of contests. With a single click, marketers have access to everything they need in their daily work.

Therefore, social media marketing professionals do not need to look for other tools that complement the main one or waste time with post-hoc analysis of what has happened and what the potential consumer audience of the products is doing. SocialGest makes it possible to manage the entire arc of activity on social networks, from the work prior to monitoring the reception.

Finally, SocialGest thinks about the public that is going to use it and how it will also simplify the most administrative part of their work. Thus, it goes beyond having its tool in Spanish: it also offers 24/7 support entirely in Spanish and has incorporated new forms of payment through local currencies in Spanish-speaking countries. The solution works in your language and in your currency, eliminating complications and allowing marketers to focus on what is really important, their work in social media marketing.

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